ROLE UK accepts applications from governments, civil society organisations, academic institutions and via HMG posts and programmes in DFID's priority countries.  

How to apply

Applications are taken all year round.  We are currently accepting applications for activities to take place before the end of March 2019.

To apply, download the ROLE UK application and budget forms below.  Please provide as much information as possible; the ROLE UK team are happy to provide support.

The ROLE UK team would be pleased to discuss any questions regarding applications, eligibility and additional support required to develop your proposal.  We can help to clarify national Rule of Law goals and suggest appropriate steps to reach them. If you would like to speak to a member of the ROLE UK team contact us now.

Completed applications should be returned to

Additional Information

Applications must be made by a developing country government department or a civil society organisation. We will contact you to discuss your submitted proposal so please make sure you include a telephone number and email address. 

Successful applications must:

  • Be driven by demand from one of the above developing countries
  • Be part of, or open up opportunities for more strategic engagement with rule of law issues
  • Make a clear contribution to poverty reduction
  • Have a strong basis for learning and development for both this project and other projects

Please note that assignments must not contravene the host country's practice rights regime and must comply with FCO security and justice guidance.

To apply, download the ROLE UK application, budget and due diligence forms below. Please try to complete all sections.