ROLE UK emphasises a collaborative approach to strengthening the rule of law. We share evidence and lessons learned from our own assignments as well as promoting development best practice tools.

Rule of Law: The Great Enabler

24 July 2019
On 3 July, ROLE UK officially launched the programme’s new phase, which will run from April 2019 to March 2022, managed by Advocates for International Development (A4ID) and funded by the Department for International Development (DFID). Moderated by Yasmin Batliwala, A4ID CEO, speakers included Charlotte Hull, Head of the Governance, Open Societies and Anti-Corruption (GOSAC) unit at DFID; Mr Justice Robin Knowles CBE, High Court Judge and Chairman of the International Committee of the Judicial...

The Importance of Soft Skills in Delivering Training - A Judicial Focus

4 March 2019

When lawyers and judges deliver legal training internationally, the outcome of these assignments does not only derive from the legal and technical expertise provided. Success and impact are also a result of the ability of legal experts to understand their audience and adapt to the different legal, cultural and social environments that surround them. International legal experts should focus on the development of soft skills such as adaptability and communication to provide more effective training.

What is the Value of a Network for Pro Bono Legal Assistance?

17 December 2018

At the recent 2018 PILnet Global Forum, ROLE UK’s panel discussion, 'The Value of a Network', explored the opportunities and challenges of a country-focused multidisciplinary network for legal pro bono.

Supporting the Rule of Law: How Can UK Pro Bono Legal Technical Assistance Help Internationally?

7 December 2018

As part of Global Pro Bono Week 2018, and in an effort to bring people together and encourage collaborative working, ROLE UK invited four of its assignment partners – Equal Rights Trust, Bar Human Rights Committee, Standing International Forum of Commercial Courts (SIFoCC), and Herbert Smith Freehills (HSF) – to deliver presentations on their work and the impact of ROLE UK support.

How to plan for effective international pro bono assistance?

26 October 2018

ROLE UK introduces tools used in the development sector to legal and judicial experts.

Partnerships for Rule of Law Technical Assistance – the bridge to strategic, sustainable impact?

26 July 2018

Following the ROLE UK and Judiciary of England and Wales Roundtable Event held last week, 'Partnership Working Internationally to Support the Rule of Law', Toby Collis, the ROLE UK Learning and Development Manager, outlines some of the key ideas which emerged from the discussion.

Pro bono reflections: Ten questions with Lionel Blackman

21 March 2017

ROLE UK interviews Lionel Blackman about a recent assignment with the Equal Rights Trust in Kyrgyzstan .

Pro bono reflections: When are pro bono services vital to the impact of a programme?

9 November 2016

A4ID reflect on a recent assignment in Kenya and discuss the value of pro bono partnerships and tailored trainings.

ROLE UK Review and Learning: Testing the value of pro bono

6 September 2016

ROLE UK is committed to testing the value of the pro-bono assignments it supports and adapting its model based on learning.

Pro bono reflections: Working with the African Prison's Project - The value of being on the ground

3 September 2016

Redemption. Dignity. Rule of law. Lucy Stoy discusses how these words have taken on greater meaning following her work with the African Prisons Project in Nairobi.