ROLE UK emphasises a collaborative approach to strengthening the rule of law. We share evidence and lessons learned from our own assignments as well as promoting development best practice tools.

Pro bono reflections: Ten questions with Lionel Blackman

21 March 2017

ROLE UK interviews Lionel Blackman about a recent assignment with the Equal Rights Trust in Kyrgyzstan .

Pro bono reflections: When are pro bono services vital to the impact of a programme?

9 November 2016

A4ID reflect on a recent assignment in Kenya and discuss the value of pro bono partnerships and tailored trainings.

ROLE UK Review and Learning: Testing the value of pro bono

6 September 2016

ROLE UK is committed to testing the value of the pro-bono assignments it supports and adapting its model based on learning.

Pro bono reflections: Working with the African Prison's Project - The value of being on the ground

3 September 2016

Redemption. Dignity. Rule of law. Lucy Stoy discusses how these words have taken on greater meaning following her work with the African Prisons Project in Nairobi.