ROLE UK supports demand-led requests for UK government, legal and judicial expertise to contribute to rule of law development activity in developing countries.

We identify, fund and mobilise UK government lawyers, solicitors, barristers, practising and retired judges, legal academics and in-house legal experts to support activities including: 

  • peer to peer mentoring 
  • scoping and supporting justice-related problems and solutions
  • reviewing draft legislation and constitutional text
  • designing and delivering legal, judicial and skills training
  • developing manuals to enhance awareness and implementation of laws and legal processes
  • sharing experience and international insight with key change agents 

See our work in action through these real world examples.

This project improves access to justice for prisoners, one of the most poor and marginalised groups.
This project saw ROLE deploying a team of GLD and commercial lawyers to share knowledge and experience directly from one practitioner to another.
An improvement in adherence to administrative law principles represents a real and practical gain for the Rule of Law.