Asia Pro Bono Conference: Doing Pro Bono the Development Way Panel

15 September 2019 - 2:15pm to 3:45pm
Asia Pro Bono Conference, iProbono,
Hotel Yak & Yeti Kathmandu


Yasmin Batliwala, Chief Executive, A4ID


Naomi Barnard, Role UK Programme Manager, A4ID

Adrienne Joy, ROLE UK Programme Technical Expert, A4ID 

Mariam Faruqi, South Asia Regional Director, iProbono 

Situating legal pro bono within an international development paradigm, this session aims to discuss how to maximise the relevance and effectiveness of pro bono legal assistance work, introducing tools to help actors make a meaningful contribution to positive social change.

The session will be structured around three “pechakucha©” style presentations by each of the speakers. The first will cover the nexus between law and development, drawing on the experience of A4ID and its ROLE UK programme, followed by an audience discussion on this topic. The next presentation will introduce development tools for pro bono and invite the audience to share how these tools could be useful to their own work. Finally, the audience will be presented with a case study based on the experience of iProbono and the Law and Policy Forum for Social Justice, who have used development tools in their work to improve economic, social and cultural rights realisation in Nepal. The session will conclude by giving the audience the opportunity to ask some questions.

More information about the development tools covered in this session can be found in the Maximising Technical Assistance to Improve the Rule of Law: A Guide and the Monitoring & Evaluation Toolbox.

The session is open to participants of the 8th Asia Pro Bono Conference in Kathmandu, Nepal.