Doing Pro Bono the International Development Way - Part 1

11 February 2021 - 9:30am to 12:30pm
Advocates for International Development
United Kingdom

A two-part interactive virtual workshop, “Doing Pro Bono the International Development Way” will use practical case studies to introduce participants to tools for the planning, delivery and monitoring of legal technical assistance in a development context. These tools, widely used in the development sector, include political-economy analysis, developing a theory of change, the COM-B model and universal questions for monitoring and evaluation. Together the tools ensure legal and judicial specialists are able to analyse the factors contributing to visible rule of law problems; articulate the logic and rationale behind their selected activities and how those activities will address the problems identified. Pro bono providers will understand key development concepts and principles and how they are relevant to international pro bono work.

The virtual workshop is designed to give an insight to how legal and judicial specialists can practically use their expertise to contribute to the development agenda. It is part of a curriculum, developed by the ROLE UK programme, on best practices for development-centric technical assistance. The sessions will be delivered by A4ID’s Learning and Development and ROLE UK programme teams.

If you are interested in attending this workshop, please email Abshir Weli at

More information about the development tools covered in this workshop can be found in the Monitoring & Evaluation Toolbox and Maximising Technical Assistance to Improve the Rule of Law: A Guide.

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