ROLE UK programme extension confirmed until March 2019

6 June 2018

Advocates for International Development (A4ID) is pleased to announce that the Department for International Development (DFID) has now confirmed a one-year extension of its funding for the Rule of Law Expertise (ROLE UK) programme. 

This year long extension will be undertaken by A4ID by an independent staff team and overseen by a wider programme board with representatives from the law and development sector.

ROLE UK support will continue to be available through to 31st March 2019, to support and facilitate partnerships between international development organisations and pro bono legal and judicial expertise through the delivery of strategic rule of law “assignments” aimed at promoting rule of law and reducing poverty in developing countries.

ROLE UK will welcome individual or joint applications from public or private legal sector institutions in developing countries and from the UK legal sector, including national governments, non-governmental and civil society organizations, educational institutions, and professional bodies. 

ROLE UK will continue to provide organisations with funding for direct logistics and activity costs such as flights, accommodation, venue, catering etc. It will now also be able to offer funding to cover necessary time incurred by organisations in designing and delivering assignments.

ROLE UK will specifically provide support for the following:

  • travel logistics: flights, accommodation, visas, vaccinations, transport, and per diems;
  • activity costs: venue, catering, materials production and translation, and some participant costs;
  • “backfill” of judicial costs;
  • personnel time and reimbursable expenditure incurred on assignment scoping, development and delivery;
  • personnel time and reimbursable expenditure incurred on monitoring, evaluation and learning; and
  • personnel time and reimbursable expenditure incurred on the building of partnerships.

The ROLE UK team will also be available to provide management, development and technical support to help with assignment design, implementation, monitoring evaluation and learning, and partnership building.

For further information on the ROLE UK programme or applying for funding support, please contact at


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