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ROLE UK: Value for Money

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This paper outlines the methods that ROLE UK uses for testing the extent to which it represents ‘value for money’.

It proposes new measures that ROLE could consider introducing to strengthen its evidence base.

It also provides an analysis of ROLE UK’s value for money to date. 

Reflections on ROLE UK's approach: Learning from reviews of justice and security programming

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The skills, expertise and resources within the UK legal and judicial sector represent an important opportunity for supporting effective and accountable rule of law policies and practices in developing countries.

ROLE UK strengthens the contribution of UK government and pro bono legal and...

International pro bono: What do we know about what works?

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This short briefing paper brings together key lessons from the evidence on what works in international development Rule of Law (RoL) interventions, and from the pro bono assignments supported by ROLE UK. Its aim is to support more effective capacity building and technical assistance work in developing countries by UK government and pro bono legal and judicial experts.


Improving Business and Human Rights (BHR): Mapping the East African BHR Sector

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The impact of business on human rights is a relatively new area of engagement among the legal community, government, and businesses alike in East Africa, consistent with a global trend. The last decade has seen a growing engagement on this issue in the East Africa region, partly due to the...

Engaging Legal Academics in Law and Development Programming

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A ROLE UK paper by Lawrence McNamara, Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law September 2015  

Legal academics are among those who might make very valuable contributions to ROLE UK programming. 


Independent Review and Learning Report

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This Review and Learning Report, commissioned by ROLE, presents evidence and learning to date in relation to the assignments that ROLE supports. It analyses a sample of 12 assignments in order to assess the ROLE theory of change and the value of the pro bono model it supports. ROLE has a strong focus on evidence and learning and welcomes the recommendations contained within this report, which are informing ongoing programme implementation.


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