Improving the Rule of Law: Mapping the UK Legal Pro Bono Sector

The international pro bono sector in the UK is complex. It is made up of a diverse set of players with different reasons for doing pro bono, different ways of going about it and different partnerships through which to deliver it. What they all have in common, however, is a desire to improve the rule of law internationally: an objective shared with the UK government that funds A4ID's ROLE UK Programme that works with pro bono providers in the UK to help them deliver impactful technical assistance internationally.

This report sets out to describe the members of the UK pro bono sector that carry out international work and identify current trends in terms of:

  • Their pro bono offer
  • The channels and modalities through which they prefer to deliver pro bono assistance
  • Main incentives and drivers for offering pro bono assistance
  • What benefits or impact are measured
  • Partnerships in the sector
  • The challenges and limitations they face
  • The potential for collaboration with DFID
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