Peer to Peer Learning in Action: A Case Study

In 2018, ROLE UK supported a pair of assignments working with the Standing International Forum of Commercial Courts (SIFoCC), facilitating an incoming observation visit from judges from three jurisdictions to the UK, and subsequently their participation at the second SIFoCC conference in New York in September 2018. This activity was the first of its kind for SIFoCC, and represented a significant departure from ROLE UK's usual model of assignment support, which typically involves providing assistance to deploy UK pro bono expertise overseas.

This short paper is to bring together the evidence from these assignments and their outcomes, as well as from ROLE UK's other elements of support to SIFoCC in Years 4 and 5 of the Programme, namely the support provided for Justice Kamere, President of the Commercial High Court of Rwanda to attend the inaugural SIFoCC Conference in 2017, and the costs of the Chief Justice of Iraq to attend the New York conference in 2018.



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