UK Sierra Leone Pro Bono Network: Managing Pro Bono Partnerships During Health Crises

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ROLE UK Programme supported travel for UK experts to deliver capacity-building training alongside in-country partners. Since the outbreak, both the Programme and its stakeholders have had to strategically adapt to the circumstances and deliver most activities remotely. The Programme has reflected on the opportunities and challenges that have come with the move to online pro bono delivery, launching a peer-to-...

Defining the Rule of Law: Improved Laws, Institutions, and Practices

This paper provides a working definition of the rule of law and the importance for a holistic vision for rule of law to be a part of the international development agenda. Improving laws is not as effective without fair and effective implementation. It relies on independent institutions guided by the principles of equality and the upholding of human rights, and access to justice for all. Through strengthening the rule of law in all its aspects, we can lay the foundation for sustainable...

The Rule of Law in Times of Health Crises

The COVID-19 pandemic has again highlighted the close links between authorities’ responses to a health crisis, and the rule of law.

To control the spread of the virus, and to preserve health systems and human lives, governments around the world have limited individual freedoms. They have taken measures ranging from collecting and processing private data, to general population confinement – including strict quarantine. Without pronouncing on their necessity or effectiveness, in...