The ROLE UK programme supports long-term partnerships between the UK legal sector and legal actors in developing countries to strengthen the rule of law and facilitate progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We focus on the eradication of poverty; gender equality; reduced inequalities; peace, justice and strong institutions; and partnerships for development.

rule of lawBuilding Partnerships

Collaborative working and sustainable partnerships are fundamental to improving conditions for poor and vulnerable people and providing greater access to justice for all parts of society. To that end, we provide advice, logistical assistance and some funding to develop and support such partnerships between UK pro bono legal actors, and governments, professional bodies and civil society organisations in developing countries.

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Knowledge GenerationKnowledge Hub 

We generate and share evidence and learnings on what works in the rule of law development space, particularly to improve the quality and effectiveness of international pro bono legal support.

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Networking and Events Events

We facilitate opportunities for the UK legal sector, the international development sector, and stakeholders in developing countries to collaborate and coordinate through networks, forums and collective knowledge-sharing events.